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Eleven U.S. soldiers ingest “unknown substances” in training, 2 people are in critical condition

Eleven U.S. soldiers ingest "unknown substances" in training, 2 people are in critical condition

U.S. military

January 30th – Blisburg Base, Texas, said on the 29th local time that during a field training, 11 soldiers were ill and were receiving treatment in the hospital due to ingesting “unidentified substances” outside the authorized food channel.

Of these, two people are in critical condition, and the other nine are also in serious condition.

According to the Associated Press, CNN and other American media reports, on the afternoon of the 28th, the soldiers felt unwell at the end of field training and were then sent to a medical center for treatment. As of 29, two soldiers were in critical condition.

A statement from the 1st Blisburg Armored Division and the Office of Public Affairs noted that the soldiers became ill after ingesting “substance” “outside the authorized food supply channels” and it is not clear what the substance is.

The U.S. 1st Armoured Division and senior mission commander Bernabé of Blisburg said that the military took immediate action to treat the soldiers and cooperated with law enforcement personnel who were investigating the matter.

The military expressed unwillingness to comment on how long these soldiers spent in field training and which unit they were assigned to.

Blissburg, Texas, United States (GETTY)

According to the New York Times, according to the U.S. Army website, the 1st Panzer Division is an elite force of 17,000 soldiers to support several regional operational commands of the United States Army.

Recently, Blisburg has encountered a series of unfortunate events, including several deaths in recent weeks. Earlier this year, a soldier was found dead in a military camp.

She had just reported human sexual assault a few months ago. A few weeks later, a soldier was found dead at home. Two more soldiers were killed in a traffic accident this month.

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