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Eleven companies including Apple, Google and Charter join the US 6G Alliance

When Apple made its all-out effort to enter 5G with its new iPhone12 series, the world was already building basic modules for the next-generation 6G network. Recently, the United States Telecommunications Industry Solutions Alliance (ATIS) announced that the “NEXT G Alliance” has added 11 founding members such as Apple, Google, and Charter. The alliance aims to lay the foundation for the market for future mobile technology innovation in North America and establish a leading position in North America in the evolution of 5G and the development of 6G.

According to ATIS official website, the theoretical speed of the network will reach 95Gb/s. As before, the 6G network will be a broadband cellular network, where the service area is divided into small geographic areas called cells.

The group was formally established on October 13, 2020. The initial members include AT&T, Bell Canada, Ciena, Ericsson, Facebook, InterDigital, JMA Wireless, Microsoft, Nokia, Qualcomm Technologies, Samsung, TELUS, Telnyx, T-Mobile , UScellular and Verizon.

The news announced by ATIS also means that the league’s lineup is beginning to become stronger. It is reported that Apple, Charter, Cisco, Google, HP, Intel, Keysight Technologies, LG Electronics, Mavenir, MITRE and VMware will become its new members. In the next few years, a series of new 6G projects will emerge.

Member of “NEXT G Alliance”. (Image source: ATIS official website)

“NEXT G Alliance” stated that it will hold its first member meeting on November 16 to set the overall direction and strategy of the initiative.

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