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Egyptian President Sisi talked with Trump on the phone, Netanyahu may visit Egypt

Egyptian President Sisi talked with Trump on the phone, Netanyahu may visit Egypt

Egyptian President Sisi talked with Trump on the phone

On December 4th local time, current U.S. President Trump called Egyptian President Sisi. At the same time, foreign media reported that Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu may visit Egypt in the near future.

According to Saudi Arabian TV on December 4, Sisi received a phone call from Trump that night. In his conversation, Trump stressed that “a fruitful partnership between the United States and Egypt and the value of constructive cooperation” and the mutual understanding between the two countries is at the core of promoting security and stability in the Middle East. Sisi thanked Trump for his efforts and contributions to “deepening the friendship between the two countries”.

It is reported that the White House said that the two sides had discussed “bilateral and regional issues”. The official spokesman of the Egyptian presidential palace said that the call “exchanges views and expresses appreciation for the development of some areas of common concern” and also discussed the topic of bilateral cooperation between the two countries.

Netanyahu may visit Egypt

Netanyahu may visit Egypt In addition, according to the Israeli Jerusalem Post on November 30, Netanyahu may visit Cairo to meet with Sisi. During the visit, the economic delegations of the two countries will hold bilateral meetings to discuss cooperative economic projects and promote business relations between the two countries. According to the report, officials of the two countries were holding talks in advance before Netanyahu’s visit to Egypt.

The London-based English-language media Arabian Weekly quoted Egyptian sources as the first Arab country to sign a peace agreement with Israel on December 2nd, Egypt was boycotted by most Arab countries and paid a heavy price. But in recent days, Israel has normalized relations with Arab countries such as Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates and Sudan, and Egypt needs to reconsider its position.

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