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Egyptian President Sisi: African countries should strengthen judicial cooperation and jointly meet challenges

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△ Egyptian President Sisi

February 20th, local time, Egyptian President Sisi said in his speech at the preparatory meeting of the Fifth African High-level Judicial Conference that African countries should work together to formulate unified laws and regulations to meet the challenges facing Africa and provide guarantees for the realization of Africa’s vision.

Secy pointed out that the current reality requires African countries to act uniformly and explore how to jointly respond to the new challenges posed by the novel coronavirus epidemic from a legal perspective, as well as other traditional challenges such as joint combat against terrorism, which are obstacles to development and stability.

Sisi also said that in the process of digital transformation, African countries also need to regulate the legal framework of cybersecurity and other legal frameworks related to the management of large databases and citizens’ personal information by social media platforms.

The preparatory meeting for the Fifth African High-level Judicial Congress was held by video, chaired by the President of the Supreme Court of Egypt and attended by senior African judicial officials and international experts. The official convention is scheduled to be held in Cairo later this year.

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