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Egyptian Health Minister: Negotiations are under way with China on the production of a coronavirus vaccine

Egypt starts vaccination of health care workers with China National Pharmaceutical Group's Coronavirus vaccine

△The picture shows the Egyptian Minister of Health and Population, Hallai

Egypt, Egyptian Health Minister Khale Zayed said on December 11 that Egypt is negotiating with relevant Chinese companies to mass production of China’s coronavirus vaccine there.

Khale added that Egypt is in the process of financial negotiations on the cost of obtaining a production license.

Haley mentioned that the Ministry of Health plans to establish a vaccine production line at the headquarters of Egypt’s Biological Products and Vaccine Holding Company, which is now ready, staff has been trained and legally licensed, and Egypt has established a refrigerated warehouse that can accommodate up to 110 million doses of vaccines.

On the evening of the 10th local time, the Egyptian Ministry of Health received the first batch of coronavirus vaccines produced by China National Pharmaceutical Group at Cairo Airport.

Zayed said that the Chinese National Pharmaceutical Group’s coronavirus vaccine will also become one of Egypt’s vaccine options.

Previously, the State Pharmaceutical Group conducted a three-phase clinical trial of the vaccine in Egypt, and Halle was also vaccinated against it, and affirmed the safety and efficacy of the vaccine.

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