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Egypt starts vaccinating frontline medical staff with Coronavirus vaccine on 24

Egypt starts vaccination of health care workers with China National Pharmaceutical Group's Coronavirus vaccine

â–³The picture shows the Egyptian Minister of Health and Population, Hallai

January 23rd of local time, Egyptian President Sisi announced the implementation of Coronavirus vaccination program on the 24th, the first batch of vaccination for the frontline medical personnel to fight the pandemic.

In addition, patients with chronic diseases and the elderly are also the target groups of this vaccination.

The Egyptian Ministry of Health announced that the vaccination will take place at Abu Khalifa Hospital in Ismailia governorate.

According to sources, the Egyptian Ministry of Health plans to vaccinate about 200,000 frontline medical personnel, including those working in isolation hospitals across the country, as well as in chest hospitals and fever clinics.

On the 2nd of this month, Egypt officially approved the emergency use of Coronavirus vaccine produced by China National Pharmaceutical Group in Egypt.

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