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Egypt and Russia hold “Friendship Bridge-3” maritime joint military training

Egypt and Russia hold "Friendship Bridge-3" maritime joint military training

Egypt’s “Seventh Daily” website reported on the 16th that within the framework of the joint exercise program with friendly and fraternal countries, some Egyptian naval ships left the Alexandria naval base to participate in the “Friendship Bridge-3” Egypt-Russian maritime joint military training.

The “Friendship Bridge-3” Egyptian-Russian maritime joint training is one of the most important joint military training between Egypt and Russia. This is the first joint military training conducted by the two navies in the Black Sea.

The maritime joint military training aims to promote the exchange of experience between the armed forces of the two countries, strengthen military cooperation between the two countries, and maintain security and stability in the region.

The Egyptian navy ships conducted navigation formation training in the Mediterranean theater, and crossed the Dardanelles and the Bosphorus, preparing for joint military training with the Russian Navy. 

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