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Earthquake Aegean Sea in Turkey: government of the disaster-stricken area establishes settlement points for victims

Earthquake Aegean Sea in Turkey: government of the disaster-stricken area establishes settlement points for victims

Earthquake in Aegean Sea on October 30 brought severe losses to Turkey’s Izmir Province. Many houses in Bayrakli, the hardest-hit area of ​​Izmir Province, became dilapidated houses. Many residents were unable to return to their homes. The local government chose to be empty. The park serves as a settlement point for residents.

There are about 50 tents in a park selected as a temporary shelter for the victims. Yesterday (1st), the stove was just installed here. Due to the large temperature difference between day and night, the lowest temperature at night is only 6 to 7 degrees. At night, the victims can sit around the stove to keep warm.

Volunteers help victims at resettlement sites

Volunteers from the Galatasaray Football Fans Association in Turkey, after the earthquake, they spontaneously came to the residents’ resettlement sites, participated in the rescue free of charge, purchased and distributed food, water, and donated clothes at their own expense to help the victims tide over the difficulties.

Galatasaray Fans Association Volunteer Hussein:  With the help of friends and supporters, we provide relief supplies (to the victims). The government and non-governmental organizations provided basic food to the victims.

We mainly bought food for the children, such as chocolate, cakes, juice, milk, hot drinks and so on. We will stay here as long as there is a need.

Survivor Mirai, her house was severely damaged in the earthquake, and many neighbors and friends have also been killed. Mirai survived, but suffered tremendous psychological trauma. 

Volunteers from the fan association found her and brought her to this settlement. She did not have time to take out the belongings from the house, and all the living supplies depend on assistance.

Earthquake survivor Mirai:  They (volunteers) found me 500 meters away from my house, and I was at a loss. A

nd now I only have blankets, paper towels, and sanitary products, these are what you see.

Mirai said that her daughter was slightly injured in the earthquake and was now sent to a safe place, while she stayed here to follow the latest progress of the rescue.

Earthquake survivor Mirai:  Fortunately, my daughter is very healthy, which is the greatest comfort to me. In the future, I will start a new life. It may not be a fulfilling life, but we can’t do anything. The future is full of uncertainty.

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