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Dutch police: Canadian “Asia’s new drug king” arrested in the Netherlands!

Dutch police: Canadian "Asia's new drug king" arrested in the Netherlands!

Original title: Dutch police: Canadian “Asia’s new drug kingpin” arrested in the Netherlands!

The Dutch police said they have arrested Canadian drug lord Tse Chi Lop, who is known as the “new king of Asia,” according to the Guardian.

The report said Tse is considered comparable to Mexican drug lord Joaquin Guzman.

Dutch police arrested Xie Zhiluo at Amsterdam airport on 22 local time, and the operation was at the request of the Australian police, said Dutch police spokesman Thomas Allin.

An investigation led by Australian police found that the drug cartel Xie was part of manipulated a $70 billion annual drug trade in Asia, the report said.

“He was on the most wanted list and we arrested him based on the information we received.” Alin added that Xie Zhile is expected to be extradited to Australia.

Also according to the BBC, the Australian Federal Police believe that the drug cartel Xie Zhiluo is part of is responsible for 70 percent of the illegal drugs entering Australia

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