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Due to pollution problems, Denmark will re-dig the ground and incinerate millions of mink killed and buried.

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Recently, Danish government said that it would dig out 4 million mink buried underground due to the novel coronavirus next year to prevent environmental pollution.

According to AFP on December 20, some residents complained about the possible health risks posed by landfilling because some landfill minks reappeared on the surface.

Denmark is the world’s largest exporter of leather, according to the report. According to Deutsche Welle (DW) on November 10, the Danish health department announced that since June, at least 373 people have been found to have contracted the mutant novel coronavirus that appears on mink. As a result, the Danish government ordered the slaughter of 15 million mink.

Nevertheless, some of the 4 million mink rushed to landfill in the western Danish military area were squeezed to the ground due to the gas produced by decay. Although authorities claim that this is not at risk of spreading COVID-19, citizens complain that it will cause pollution to drinking water and lakes.

The Danish Ministry of Food and Agriculture stated that the government would re-excavate the mink and take it to a nearby incinerator for treatment.

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