Dozens of medical personnel in Northern California, the United States, are infected with the novel coronavirus. The culprit may be to share traditional holiday clothes.

△Picture of the hospital

Local California media reported on January 3 that there has been a recent outbreak of COVID-19 group infection in the emergency department of Caesar Medical Center in San Jose, Northern California.

The hospital tested for the emergency department staff for the coronavirus between December 27 and January 1, and 44 staff members, including doctors, nurses, assistants and other staff, tested positive.

During the investigation, it was found that the inflatable clothing shared by the staff of the emergency department of the hospital during the celebration of traditional festivals may have contributed to the large-scale cross-infection incident.

In response, the head of Caesars Medical Center said that the incident was purely accidental. Hospital staff only wanted to liven up the atmosphere during the festival and did not want to cause tragedy, but future holiday clothing would be banned.

The emergency department is currently conducting a deep cleaning and will provide weekly COVID-19 testing for all hospital personnel.