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Dominica introduces its vaccination plan. The president praises the China’s vaccine.

Dominica introduces its vaccination plan. The president praises the China's vaccine.

February 15th, local time, the Dominican government held a press conference to introduce the country’s vaccination plan.

President Abinader attended and praised China’s vaccine.

Abinadel said that Dominica had long signed vaccine procurement contracts with some countries and joined the COVID-19 Vaccine Implementation Plan (COVAX), but these vaccines scheduled to arrive from January to February this year did not arrive as scheduled.

At present, countries around the world are in fierce competition for vaccines, and countries with weak economic ability are making unremitting efforts to obtain vaccines.

In this “crisis”, some major powers did not show “due unity”.

Abinadel said that for the above reasons, the Dominican government is trying to obtain vaccines from other sources and has signed a vaccine procurement contract with China.

He said that the company has rich experience in vaccine production and is highly effective, and is expected to arrive in Dominica by the end of this month.

In addition, some British AstraZeneca vaccines are also expected to arrive in the country by the end of this month.

Under the Dominican Vaccination Program, 7.8 million adults over the age of 18 are expected to be vaccinated in 2021.

The vaccination process will be divided into three stages according to age, with front-line medical workers will give priority to vaccination.

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