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Direct access to CIIE | President of General Motors China: CIIE will make auto companies closer to Chinese consumers

Direct access to CIIE | President of General Motors China: CIIE will make auto companies closer to Chinese consumers

Shanghai, November 6 On the 5th, on the 5th, General Motors Global Executive Vice President and President of General Motors China Baili told the media on the first day of the third China International Import Expo: “The CIIE provides a good platform for us to exhibit products that have not yet been officially introduced into the Chinese market, and to obtain feedback from consumers, which can help us better plan future product strategies. We value this platform very much, and The contract for participating in the next CIIE has been signed.”

GM China President Bai Li explained the new models at the CIIE. GM has participated in the CIIE for three consecutive times. Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Xu Xiaoqing

Baili said that the unique charm of the CIIE lies in the fact that companies can communicate face-to-face with the government, consumers, and the media so that car companies can get closer to Chinese consumers. In previous CIIEs, General Motors collected a wealth of first-hand research data, which provided a valuable reference for the company’s future product planning for the Chinese market.

At the third CIIE, General Motors displayed a bright blue eighth-generation Chevrolet Corvette Stingray convertible at the most prominent position of the booth. There were also large-scale recreational flagship models of Cadillac, Chevrolet and GMC on site.

“We believe that these products can meet the diversified needs of consumers for cars when China is moving towards high-quality development.” Baili said.

He also said frankly that the Coronavirus pandemic has indeed had a certain impact on the overall economic environment and the automotive industry. However, he also pointed out that compared with other countries, China’s pandemic has been effectively controlled, and people’s work and life have returned to normal.

 He said: “In the third quarter of this year, China’s auto market has resumed growth. We are optimistic about China’s economic environment and are confident in the development of the auto industry in 2021.”

Regarding the future development direction of General Motors in China, Baili believes that the high-end RV market has huge growth potential. The relevant basis is that in the normalization stage of pandemic prevention and control, China’s domestic travel has become a new consumption hotspot, and more people are considering self-driving travel to appreciate the great rivers and mountains of China. In these lifestyle-related car usage scenarios, people’s recognition of high-end recreational vehicles is deepening.

In his view, not only is the high-end RV market, but China’s new energy vehicle market is also full of opportunities. He revealed that Cadillac LYRIQ will enter the Chinese mainland market as the first luxury pure electric vehicle under General Motors. In addition, brands including Buick, Chevrolet, Wuling, Baojun and other brands will also launch highly competitive new energy vehicles.

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