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Department of National Defense: I hope United States sees the world and China rationally

Department of National Defense: I hope United States sees the world and China rationally

November 26, the Ministry of National Defense held a regular press conference. Ren Guoqiang, deputy director of the Information Bureau of the Ministry of National Defense and spokesman of the Ministry of National Defense, answered reporters’ questions.

Reporter: According to media reports, U.S. Navy Secretary Brethwaite recently said that he hoped to establish a new numbered fleet to fight against China’s military ambitions. At the same time, Wilsbach, the commander of the U.S. Pacific Air Force, said that the Chinese Air Force is the “primary opponent” of the United States in the Pacific region. What’s your comment on this?

Ren Guoqiang: We have taken note of the relevant remarks of the United States. This is an old routine for some people in the United States. First, they create “enemies” and hype “threats”, then ask for money and things internally and hegemony external hegemony. Although the trick is old, its heart is dangerous.

It is completely a typical manifestation of cold war thinking and zero-sum game, completely contrary to the trend of the times for win-win cooperation and peaceful development and cooperation. We firmly oppose this.

China adheres to the road of peaceful development, firmly pursues a defensive national defense policy, resolutely safeguardes its sovereignty, security and development interests, and never dominates, expands, and never seeks its sphere of influence. However, China’s development and growth cannot be stopped by any force!

We hope that the United States will open its eyes to the world, look at China rationally, follow the trend of the times, and do more things that are conducive to world peace and development.

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