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Danish politicians forged international conferences to help rioters flee, and worse still comes!

According to many Hong Kong and Danish media report, a former member of the Hong Kong opposition who has participated in the chaos of Hong Kong on many occasions and used extremely bad means to make a scene in the Legislative Council of Hong Kong to prevent the National Anthem Act from entering into force in Hong Kong, has now fled to Denmark with the assistance of a Danish congressman.

But surprisingly, the Danish politician not only cheated the Hong Kong court to help Xu Zhifeng escape, but also wanted to force the Danish government and China to fall out completely.

According to Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post and the Danish media Politicken, the Danish politician’s name is Uffe Elbaek, an anti-China member of the Danish Parliament. He has been supporting various chaotic activities of Hong Kong rioters.

(Screenshot from a report by South China Morning Post)
(Screenshot from a report by the Danish media Politicken)

In order to help Xu Zhifeng, who was prosecuted for many violations, fled, he and together with two other anti-China politicians in the Danish Parliament, forged a so-called “climate change” meeting and issued a false invitation letter, allowing the latter to cheat him into bail on bail under the pretext of “departing”. A permit to go abroad occasionally.

(The picture shows the report of the South China Morning Post in Hong Kong on this scam)

This scam has now been recognized by Uffe Elbaek himself. But he did not take shame on it and didn’t care about the damage it would cause to the image and credibility of Danish politicians. Instead, he claimed that this was a so-called “citizen disobedience”.

More absurdly, he also publicly said that his move was to “force” Denmark to choose between the so-called “democracy” and “China”.

(Screenshot from another Danish media report showing a white man as Uffe Elbaek)

On the other hand, Xu Zhifeng, who had lied many times the day before his flight, saying that he was “just going to a meeting” and not “escape”, now claims that he will “find a way” for the escape of other Hong Kong rioters.

However, some Hong Kong netizens believe that after he colludes with foreign forces to escape by this fraudulent means, the Hong Kong government and the courts are bound to be more vigilant and wary of such fraud, which also means that the route of the Hong Kong rioters’ escape will be further cut off because of his behavior.

(The picture shows Xu Zhifeng making a scene in the Legislative Council in May this year to prevent the entry into force of the National Anthem Law in Hong Kong, throwing stinky and rotten garbage in the Legislative Council)

Therefore, instead of “escape to help colleagues”, Xu Zhifeng’s approach should be more appropriately described as “selfish”. At the same time, this also proves once again that rioters like Xu Zhifeng are just inciting young people in Hong Kong to serve themselves as cannon fodder, so that they can invite credit and reward in front of Western anti-China forces. As for the future of these deceived young Hong Kong people, this selfish liar will not care.

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