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Cuomo will leave the governor’s office within 12 hours of his farewell address

Cuomo will leave the governor's office within 12 hours of his farewell address

Aug. 24 2021 New York Governor Cuomo delivered a farewell speech Wednesday, saying he will leave the governor’s office within 12 hours.

In his speech, Cuomo reviewed his achievements during his tenure, citing a series of infrastructure projects in addition to effectively responding to the new outbreak and reducing New York’s infection rate from the highest in the country to the lowest in the country, CNN reported Thursday. Mr Cuomo said he had “done what others thought was impossible” and insisted he was “doing everything he can every day.”

In addition, Mr. Cuomo attacked his Democratic political opponents during his tenure and questioned sexual harassment allegations against him. Cuomo thinks the media are too eager to accept the findings, arguing that they didn’t wait for the truth to come to light. In response to the sexual harassment allegations, Cuomo acknowledged that he had made mistakes, but always believed that the allegations were overblown and contained untrue content.

Cuomo announced his resignation in a televised address on the 10th. Cuomo is the first New York governor to be impeached in more than a century. New York’s lieutenant governor, Kathy Hochschul, who took over as governor, will be sworn in in the early hours of Tuesday morning, becoming the first female governor in new York state history.

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