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Cuba denies “microwave attacks” on US diplomats. Cuba: The US accuses that there is no scientific evidence

Cuba denies "microwave attacks" on US diplomats. Cuba: The US accuses that there is no scientific evidence

Last week, relevant US agencies issued a report claiming that Cuba carried out so-called “microwave attacks” against US diplomats in Cuba. On the 15th, the Cuban side denied this.

According to Reuters, last week, the National Academy of Sciences issued a report stating that “the most credible reason for the health problems of US diplomats in Cuba is that they were attacked by so-called high-energy microwaves.”

In response, the President of the Cuban Academy of Sciences Bella Sikes issued a statement on the 15th to refute.

The statement pointed out that “the U.S. report did not provide scientific evidence of the existence of so-called’high-energy microwaves’ in U.S.

diplomats’ residences” and “the accusations made by the U.S. are only a hypothesis, not a verified fact.” 

The US State Department previously stated that between the end of 2016 and August 2017, at least 24 employees of the US Embassy in Cuba had symptoms of hearing loss, dizziness, headache, fatigue, and difficulty sleeping. 

The US believes that these personnel have been subjected to so-called “sonic attacks.” 

Using this as an excuse, the United States decided at the end of September 2017 to withdraw non-emergency staff and all their family members from the embassy in Cuba, expel Cuban diplomats in the United States and withdraw 60% of U.S. diplomats in Cuba. 

The Cuban government has repeatedly emphasized that it has not conducted similar attacks on US diplomats in Cuba.

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