Criticizing the current president of the United States is illegal? Obama said he was only stating facts about Trump

Fox News on the 15th, former US President Barack Obama defended his previous attacks on President Trump in an interview with CBS television on Sunday.

“The truth is, everything I say is just stating the facts.” Obama said.

During Trump’s tenure, Obama basically did not seek attention, but during the 2020 election, he returned to the media spotlight and campaigned for the Democratic president-elect and former Vice President Joe Biden. Fox News said that the former president of the United States came forward to oppose the current president and was questioned whether it was against the norm.

In an interview, Obama said: “I think that in this election, certain very important norms and systems have been violated. For a person like me who has worked in the office of the president, it is important to let people know It’s not normal.”

Regarding Trump’s questioning of the results of the U.S. election, Obama said: “Other Republican officials clearly know that they should not support Trump’s’election fraud’ propositions, but they accommodated him in this way, which makes me feel even more troubled.

This is another step that undermines the legitimacy of (elections), not only against the incoming Biden administration, but also to make the American democratic system lose legitimacy. This is a dangerous path.” Obama also said: “We cannot override Above the rules, we cannot be above the law. This is the essence of our democracy.”