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COVID-19 pandemic in Albania has not eased significantly, and the curfew will be extended indefinitely.

Albanian Prime Minister: Coronavirus variants may have been introduced to Albania

Mira Rakacolli, Deputy Minister of Health of Albania

According to local media reports, Mira Rakacolli, the Albanian Deputy Minister of Health, announced on December 2 local time that the curfew, originally scheduled to close on that day, would be extended indefinitely, because there was no obvious signs of a clear ab in the COVID-19 pandemic in Albania.

Mira Rakacolli reiterated that citizens are prohibited from going out between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. every day, and fast food express delivery services are not allowed during this period.

She also stressed that the proposal to extend the curfew was put forward by the Expert Committee on Medicine and Epidemic Prevention. In addition, the restrictions on the prohibition of gatherings, celebrations, funerals, etc.

will be extended indefinitely. Universities and government agencies will continue to provide online teaching and online office.

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