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Coronavirus pandemic aggravating, state in southwest of Brazil tightens pandemic prevention measures

Coronavirus pandemic aggravating, state in southwest of Brazil tightens pandemic prevention measures

Image source: BBC News BRASIL

2nd December, infectious disease experts at the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC) in southern Brazil pointed out that with the recent intensification of the pandemic in the country, the southern states are also facing an increasingly severe prevention and control situation.

The study pointed out that in November, the pandemic situation in three southern states, including Southern River, Paraná and Santa Catarina, was deteriorating, and the dynamic average of new confirmed cases in Southern River and Paraná that month reached their peak since the outbreak.

According to the data, on November 29, the dynamic average number of new confirmed cases in Nandahe Prefecture in the past 14 days reached 3,673, an increase of 54% from November 1.

On the same day, Paraná’s data was 3,612, an increase of 279% from the first day of November. Santa Catarina’s dynamic average on the 29th, while not at the state’s peak since the pandemic, at 6,423, is also very close to it, at 5,492, more severe than the previous two states.

According to statistics, the current transmission rate of COVID-19 in southern states is higher than 1, indicating that the spread of the pandemic is accelerating locally.

In the face of the intensification of the pandemic, the southern states have entered a state of emergency prevention and control. The Nandahe State Government announced a new round of pandemic prevention measures for most of the state, including a ban on staying at the beach, suspending year-end celebrations and limiting the opening hours of catering services.

Paraná decided to impose a curfew throughout the state from Wednesday (2nd) to 5 a.m. every day. In Santa Catarina, in addition to reopening vacant intensive care ward beds, the local government will also strengthen the supervision of mask wearing and strictly prohibit crowd gatherings.

Medical experts pointed out that if the number of infected people cannot be reduced, the state is recommended to adopt a lockdown for an estimated 21-day period.

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