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Coronavirus outbreak at an Antarctic base in Chile 36 people tested positive for COVID-19

British officials: There are about 4,000 Variant coronaviruses around the world, and the vaccine is still effective.

According to a report by Chilean media on the 22nd, the coronavirus outbreak occurred at the Bernardo Oykins Riquelme base in Antarctica, and 36 people tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

The media quoted a communiqué issued by the Chilean military as saying that 26 of the 36 were active army personnel and 10 were civilians responsible for the maintenance of the base. Recently, they showed symptoms of COVID-19 during their duties at the base. The military rotated personnel in time and completely cleaned and killed the base.

It is reported that people evacuated from the Antarctic base are currently quarantined and monitored for health in the Magellan region of southern Chile.

The Chilean navy reported on the 17th that three of the 208 crew members of the Navy’s Sgt. Aldea, who recently visited the base of Bernardo Oykins Riquelme, tested positive for the novel coronavirus, and two other army soldiers on board the ship tested positive after arriving in southern Chile.

It is also reported that Chilean health department staff went to the country’s Eduardo Frey Montalba Presidential Base in Antarctica, Chilean Institute and other institutions on the 18th to test the relevant personnel, and then evacuated one positive person and eight close contacts to southern Chile.

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