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Comprehensive news: COVID-19 pandemic in the Middle East continues to spread. Turkey strengthens pandemic prevention measures.

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Middle East reported that the COVID-19 pandemic in the Middle East continued to spread on November 30, the number of new confirmed cases in Palestine in a single day reached a new high, Turkey announced stricter pandemic prevention measures, and Algeria continued to extend the blockade.

According to the data released on the website of the Palestinian Ministry of Health on November 30, 2,062 new confirmed cases have been recorded in the country in the past 24 hours, a new high in a single day since the outbreak of the pandemic, with a total of 98,850 confirmed cases and a total of 822 deaths. Local hospitals are running at full capacity as the number of coronavirus infections surges.

According to the data of the Turkish Ministry of Health on November 30, 31,219 new confirmed cases have been confirmed in the past 24 hours, with a total of 638,847 confirmed cases and 13,746 deaths.

Turkish President Erdoğan announced stricter pandemic prevention measures on November 30: no going out from 21:00 on weekdays to 5 o’clock the next day; two days of full-day foot ban on weekends; people over 65 and under 20 years of age are not allowed to take public transportation; preschool institutions are closed; health codes must be provided to enter shopping malls; funerals and marriages The number of participants in the gift shall not exceed 30; the restaurant only provides take-out.

The Algerian government said on November 30 that the country added 978 new confirmed cases on the same day, with a total of 83,199 confirmed cases and a total of 2,431 deaths. On the same day, the Afghan government also announced that the lockdown measures in more than 30 provinces, including curfews and suspension of related commercial and transportation activities, will continue for 15 days from December 2.

Data released by Israel’s Ministry of Health on November 30 showed that there were 1,211 new confirmed cases in the country on that day, with a total of 336,664 confirmed cases and 2,865 deaths. The Israeli National Defense Force announced on the same day that due to the recent increase in the coronavirus infection rate, all Israeli combat units and training bases will suspend the leave of soldiers.

According to the figures released by the Lebanese Ministry of Health on November 30, 1,000 new confirmed cases were confirmed on that day, with a total of 127,944 confirmed cases; 14 new deaths, with a total of 1,018 deaths. Lebanon lifted the lockdown on November 30, enterprises resumed work, schools resumed classes, traffic also returned to normal, and traffic congestion in some cities and streets resumed. The government changed the curfew from 23:00 to 5:00 the next day, allowing restaurant attendance to return to 50%, but bars and nightclubs are still unable to open.

Oman reported 215 new confirmed cases, 123,699 confirmed cases and 1,423 deaths on November 30. On the same day, the Supreme National Committee for Pandemic Prevention and Control of Oman decided that from December 6, people can return to normal work, but all personnel must strictly abide by the relevant epidemic prevention regulations. 

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