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Chinese Canadian Man shot his wife twice with a knife on the streets of Manhattan

Source: ABC News New York Channel

According to many media reports, the case occurred in Lower Manhattan and the suspect was Yu Xin, a Chinese man with Canadian nationality. The victim was 40-year-old Min Ai (transliteration), who was married to Yu Xin, but the two had been separated for a long time before the incident.

At 9 o’clock in the morning on the 26th, Yu Xin stopped Emin on the street. After the two had a dispute on the street, Yu Xin drew a knife and injured Emin with excitement, and then used a hand gun to open Aimin’s head and torso. Two shots caused the victim to die on the spot.

According to witnesses, Yu Xin did not leave the scene after killing Emin, but committed suicide by shooting himself in the head with a murder weapon.

The police blocked the crime scene, the picture was taken from ABC News video

According to a preliminary investigation by the police, Yu Xin’s motive for the murder was suspected to have stemmed from the emotional dispute between the two. Last year, Emin, who works in a Manhattan bank, began dating a male colleague in the company and was about to divorce her husband. At the time of the incident, Yu Xin and Ai Min were already separated.

The police also revealed that when Yu Xin attacked, he was carrying his and his wife’s marriage certificate.

On the other hand, Emin’s colleagues and boyfriend confessed their relationship with Emin when they contacted the police on Monday, and said that the two had not disclosed their relationship in the company.

A female witness at the scene said that Yu Xin was breathing after committing suicide and was still holding a gun in her hand. For safety reasons, the witness had removed Yu Xin’s weapon while viewing Yu Xin’s injuries. . Shortly after being sent to the hospital, Yu Xin died from his injuries.

According to the local police report, they found a sharp knife and a 9mm caliber pistol at the scene, combined with witness descriptions, the two were suspected to be murder weapons. In addition, it is reported that Yu Xin holds Canadian nationality and usually lives in Ontario, Canada. It is not clear when he arrived in New York.

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