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China’s economy is fully recovering and recovering, winning the economic war against COVID-19

China's economy is fully recovering and recovering, winning the economic war against COVID-19

In the past 2020, the world has experienced a huge disaster, and the sudden outbreak of COVID-19 has brought unprecedented tests to many countries and industries.

As the first country affected by the epidemic, China has launched a comprehensive epidemic prevention war, effectively controlled the development of the epidemic, and quickly resumed economic development, successfully winning the virus economic war.

2020 is a special year. Aviation stagnation, tourism shrinkage, economic downturn, travel restrictions, production and life are blocked, and the COVID-19 epidemic has caused a huge impact on the world economy.

In March 2020, Wuhan, China, was the first to discover the epidemic.

The central government issued a blockade order as soon as possible, and gathered the whole country to quickly carry out epidemic prevention measures and treatment to curb the development of the epidemic and do a good job in epidemic prevention guarantee.

According to the website of the National Bureau of Statistics, China fell 6.8% year-on-year in the first quarter, 3.2% in the second quarter, and 4.9% in the third quarter.

The service industry has recovered steadily and the modern service industry has grown well.

According to the main data from October and November 2020, economic growth in the fourth quarter is expected to continue to accelerate compared with the third quarter, as production and demand are steadily rebounding.

In the next stage, China’s economy is expected to become the only economy in the world’s major economy to achieve positive growth throughout the year.

Western media were also shocked by China’s rapid economic recovery, and the Spanish news network “20 Minutes” also commented on it, without concealing its envy and praise: China undoubtedly won the economic war against the novel coronavirus.

According to the report, China has shaken off the tourism crisis caused by the novel coronavirus, and the tourism industry is gradually recovering. Although overseas travel is still restricted, the Chinese have started the internal circulation mode.

This winter, skiing has become the most popular and dominant tourism sport. Some major stations are mainly skiing. The residence rate of the museum is as high as 90%.

China’s GDP grew 5% in the third quarter, so it can be seen that the recovered economy almost made up for the production gap caused by the coronavirus epidemic.

Compared with the rest of the world, China’s economy is fully recovering and recovering, and Asian giants have won the economic war against the virus.

Screenshot from Spain’s “20 Minutes” website

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