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China’s Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations calls for help Central African countries fight the epidemic.

China's economy is fully recovering and recovering, winning the economic war against COVID-19

United Nations, December 9th, Deputy Permanent Representative of China to the United Nations, addressed the Security Council’s video conference on the 9th to consider Central Africa, calling on the international community to help countries in the region fight the epidemic and restore their economies and development.

Dai Bing said that the current epidemic is still spreading around the world, and regional cooperation in the fight against the epidemic cannot be relaxed. The United Nations Regional Office in Central Africa (UNOCA) should support regional countries to strengthen joint prevention and control, and carry out cooperation in information sharing, testing methods, clinical treatment and other aspects. China has provided many batches of anti-epidemic materials to regional countries and is willing to continue to help regional countries fight against the epidemic.

He said that the epidemic has a great impact on the development of countries in Central Africa, and the risk of economic downturn has increased. The international community has the responsibility to help regional countries maintain macroeconomic stability, expand employment, and maintain the safety and smoothness of the industrial chain and supply chain. China actively implements the G20 debt relief initiative, and is the country with the largest amount of debt relief among G20 members. It is hoped that the United Nations Office for Central Africa will mobilize developed countries and multilateral financial institutions to intensify their actions to fulfill their commitments as soon as possible and effectively reduce the debt burden of regional countries.

He also called for continued support for the autonomous efforts of the countries in the region to maintain peace. He said that thanks to the concerted efforts of countries in the region, the situation in Central Africa is generally stable. Meanwhile, armed groups and terrorist organizations such as Boko Haram and the Resistance Army of the Holy Spirit are still active in the region, and pirates in the Gulf of Guinea are still active. The international community should take action to support regional countries in combating terrorism and organized crime, while always respecting the sovereignty and dominance of regional countries. Elections will be held in many countries in the region this year and next year, and UNOCA can provide technical and material assistance for its elections at the request of the countries.

He called for continued support for the integration process in Central Africa. The United Nations Office for Central Africa should support regional countries to promote good-neighborliness and friendship, deepen economic integration, integrate the implementation of the United Nations sustainable development agenda 2030 into regional and national development strategies, strengthen communication and coordination with other relevant United Nations agencies, subregional organizations, the African Union, etc., and form synergies to promote regional stability and prosperity. .

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