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China-Myanmar’s most mainland road port launches 24-hour customs clearance mode

China-Myanmar's most mainland road port launches 24-hour customs clearance mode

Affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, Ruili Port, the largest port between China and Myanmar, has recently been affected by the poor border trade, which has affected import and export trade.

In order to further solve the problem of congestion and detention of entry and exit vehicles in the entry and exit cargo channel reported by Ruili Port Sister, optimize the business environment at the port

Promote cross-border trade facilitation, and support the stable and healthy development of foreign trade, the Port Office of the People’s Government of Ruili City, Yunnan Province recently issued the Notice on Temporary Adjustment of Customs Clearance Time at Ruili Port.

After consultation between the relevant departments of China and Myanmar, it was decided to start the 24-hour customs clearance mode from 8:00 on January 5, 2021 to 8:00 on January 15, 2021.

All logistics enterprises and freight forwarding declaration enterprises are requested to be ready to actively cooperate with the relevant departments of the port to carry out 24-hour customs clearance at the port.

The customs and inspection and quarantine departments of both sides will strictly comply with the relevant provisions of epidemic prevention and control quarantine inspection, including driver exchange and vehicle disinfection and other work will be carried out in a strict and orderly manner.

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