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China Mobile: Aim to be No. 1 in the world with 5G comprehensive strength by 2025

China Mobile: Aim to be No. 1 in the world with 5G comprehensive strength by 2025

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China News Service, Beijing, November 28 (Reporter Liu Yuying) Huang Yuhong, vice president of China Mobile Research Institute, recently stated that China Mobile aims to invest 30 billion yuan about $5Billion in research and development by 2025, and its comprehensive 5G strength ranks first among global operators.

China Mobile was founded in 2000, and it is exactly 20 years to this year. At the China Mobile’s 20th Anniversary Salon held this week, Huang Yuhong introduced, “In the past 20 years, China Mobile has achieved 2G following, 3G breakthrough, 4G parallel running, and 5G leading in terms of standards.” Now it is working with Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications.

Carry out preliminary 6G basic research.

Huang Yuhong introduced that China Mobile has more than 2,000 5G patents, and its 5G standard patent reserve has doubled compared with 4G. In 2019, there were 2,884 new patent applications. The patent strength ranks first among global operators.

In addition, China Mobile’s number of 5G standard projects ranked first among global operators, the number of documents ranked second among global operators, and its standardization influence ranked first among global operators. 

The standard covers areas ranging from traditional communications to Internet of Things (vehicles), industrial Internet, blockchain and other new fields. The number of leading positions in international organizations also ranks first among global operators.

In the 2G, China Mobile has built the world’s first and largest and most advanced mobile intelligent network, and it has also built the world’s largest IP softswitch network and VOIP network.

In the 3G, China Mobile has undertaken the task of TD-SCDMA development, making TD-SCDMA one-third of the world in the domestic market.

In the 4G, China Mobile organized the TD-LTE standard national end-to-end industry collaborative innovation, turning edge technology into an international mainstream technology.

Huang Yuhong said that by 2025, China Mobile will invest 30 billion yuan about $5Billion in research and development, accounting for 3% of its revenue. The company’s comprehensive technological strength is among the forefront of global operators, 5G comprehensive strength is the world’s first, and digital new talents account for 50%.

China Mobile 6G Basic Research

Regarding 6G, Huang Yuhong expressed the hope that in the 6G era, my country will firstly have more fundamental and even theoretical breakthrough technical contributions, and secondly, the underlying technology will become stronger.

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