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China becomes the largest source of British imports for the first time.

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According to the British media The Times, during the worst of the coronavirus epidemic in the second quarter of this year, British imports from China exceeded that from any other country for the first time.

According to the report, in the second quarter of this year, one pound of every seven British imports came from China.

Chinese companies export a total of £11 billion worth of goods to the UK, including a sharp increase in textiles, including medical masks used by the NHS and electronic products such as home computers for telecommuting.

According to the report, China is usually the second largest import partner of the United Kingdom, exporting about £45 billion worth of goods to the UK every year, 20 billion less than Germany, the UK’s largest import partner.

However, in the second quarter of this year, the proportion of Chinese goods in total British imports rose to 13.4% due to the increase in British imports from China and the decline in imports from other countries.

China’s textile exports to the UK increased by 900 million pounds to 1.16 billion pounds, and exports of electronic products to the United Kingdom increased by £750 million to £3.87 billion.

The report of the Office for National Statistics also shows that a quarter of the electronics and mechanical products imported by the United Kingdom came from China in the first half of this year. In the third quarter of this year, British imports of Chinese clothing increased by £1.3 billion.

Previously, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development predicted that China’s economy would grow by 1.8% this year, compared with a 4.2% decline in the global economy and 11.2% in the United Kingdom.

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