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Chief Scientific Adviser of the United Kingdom: More parts of England may impose the highest-level restrictions

Chief Scientific Adviser of the United Kingdom: More parts of England may impose the highest-level restrictions

LONDON, ENGLAND - DECEMBER 21: Britain's Chief Scientific Adviser, Patrick Vallance speaks during a virtual press conference inside 10 Downing Street after a string of countries banned travellers and all but unaccompanied freight arriving from the UK, due to the rapid spread of a new, more-infectious coronavirus strain on December 21, 2020 in London, England. Countries around the world closed their borders to Britain on Monday in a race to contain a fast-spreading variant of the coronavirus as the European Union neared approval of its first jab for the bloc's vaccination campaign. British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson held a crisis meeting about the situation Monday, with particular concern about the disruption of goods from France, which imposed a 48-hour blockade on people and lorries crossing the English Channel. (Photo by Tolga Akmen - WPA Pool/Getty Images)

December 22nd According to CNN on the 21st, Patrick Vallance, the chief scientific adviser of the British government, said at a press conference on Monday (21st) that more areas in England may enter the highest level of level 4 restrictions, implementing similar to the closure. Lock epidemic prevention measures.

Valens said that the number of new variants of the novel coronavirus may increase across England, so it is likely that appropriate measures, rather than reduce, in some places, may be needed.

British Prime Minister Johnson also said he hoped that British schoolchildren could still return to school “in a staggered way” “starting in early January”, but that common sense is to “follow the path of fighting the epidemic and keep things under censorship”.

Johnson said that people across the UK are being vaccinated, and the UK can “look forward to a change in the epidemic situation after Easter”.

London, the capital of the United Kingdom, has imposed the highest level of “Level 4” blockade restrictions since the morning of the 20th. The more stringent restrictions announced in the short term are reported to deal with the grim situation of rapid spread after the mutation of the novel coronavirus, which is currently believed to be 70% more transmittable than the original strain.

The British side said that the new variant may have been transmitted to foreign countries, and the most urgent task at present is to ensure that the mutant virus does not cause higher mortality.

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