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Changing the attitude of unprovoked accusations against China, Australian Labor Party leaders criticized Morrison for damaging relations with China.

Worldview Australia: Sad Jokes (Part I)

Last week, Australian Prime Minister Morrison lost his manners to a cartoon that satirized the atrocities of the Australian army and used his “one hand” to bring Sino-Australian relations to a new low.

Huang Yingxian, the leader of the Australian Senate Labor Party and the shadow cabinet foreign minister, spoke again about China-Australia relations in an interview with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation on the 6th. She changed her previous attitude of accusing China for no reason and pointed the finger directly at Morrison.

In the interview, Huang Yingxian directly criticized Morrison’s decision to personally shoot the video “line-to-line” that worsened the relationship between the two countries.

She questioned, “In dealing with diplomatic issues, you should always consider how to adjust your response.” Huang Yingxian stressed, “This is a major appeal directly to the country’s leaders, and I hope Morrison will think carefully before making a decision.” Previously, she had claimed that China’s behavior was “extremely inflammatory and should be condemned by the international community” and stressed that Australian soldiers “should be respected”.

China-Australian trade.

She said that Australia lacks an overall strategy to deal with a “more confident” China, and has not formulated an economic diversification plan and maintained contact with Asian allies.

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