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Can’t afford to give gifts as the New Year approaches? Russian expert: singing and watching movies are fine

The governor of Tokyo, Japan, said that the epidemic was "very serious" and called on the public to "quietly" the New Year's Eve.

Data map: "Santa Claus" wearing a red mask. (Source: Getty Images)

With the New Year approaching, many cashless Russians are facing the problem of what to give to their loved ones.

Russian News Agency reported on the 12th that Russian psychologists say that the most important thing about New Year’s gifts is to make a good impression, not their value.

Russian psychologist Irina said that money does not determine whether a gift is good or bad. Sending gifts in a novel and humorous way can achieve the purpose of giving gifts. The most important thing in gifting is to be sincere and pleasing to others.

As long as it is from the heart, original greeting cards with personalized congratulations can also be used as gifts.

Russian psychologist Faizberg recalled, “The young staff of the administration of our institute have created a personalized song as a New Year’s gift about every teacher of the institute.

This event leaves a very good memory for everyone, and we often think back on it.

Miamlin, associate doctor of Russian psychology, believes that although not enough money will make it difficult to choose New Year’s gifts, it can also be replaced by organizing family activities, such as watching a wonderful movie together, which is also warm.

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