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Canadian Prime Minister slams hate speech by the leader of Parliament’s third largest party

Canadian Prime Minister slams hate speech by the leader of Parliament's third largest party

Blancheit (left) and Trudeau (right)

In his routine speech on the 15th local time, Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau severely criticized Yves-Francois Blanchet, the leader of the Quebec caucus, who recently made incitement to ethnic antagonism and hatred.

Blaming such remarks will trigger attacks on Congress like the United States.

During the cabinet reshuffle on the 13th, he appointed Omar Argebla as the Minister of Transport.

Blanché subsequently issued a press briefing saying that Omar had served as the head of the Canadian Arab Federation, and this experience would be questioned.

The French-language briefing said, “The questionable situation that the new Minister of Transport, Omar Argbra, has been involved in the Islamic political movement and served as leader for many years.”

In this regard, Trudeau said that he was shocked by how thoughtful a federal party leader raised insinuated questions.

If a leader does not pay attention to his words, he is playing with fire on narrowness and hatred.

He said, “Some people always pretend to be naive and say that I just ask casually. This is ridiculous.

The means of using negative emotions, fear and anxiety to gain political support has nowhere in Canada, and we all have to unite firmly to fight back, no matter where it hides.

As America’s largest neighbor and ally, Canada is deeply influenced by the United States, and has many Trump supporters who openly support the attacks on Congress in the United States.

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