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Canadian Parliament will investigate the government’s response to Coronavirus

Canadian Parliament will investigate the government's response to Coronavirus

 Ottawa, October 26 The House of Representatives of Canada passed a motion proposed by the opposition Conservative Party on the 26th to investigate the situation of the Liberal government led by Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau in response to Coronavirus Pandemic.

The Conservative Party stated that the purpose of the investigation is to help the government learn from the mistakes of the first wave of pandemic and better respond to future pandemic. 

The motion was passed by a vote of 176 to 152 in the parliamentary vote that day. According to the motion, the Canadian government will need to provide e-mails, documents, notes and other records from the Prime Minister’s Office, Privy Council, Ministry of Health, Department of Public Health and other departments on the Coronavirus Pandemic since mid-March.

After the motion was put forward, it caused a strong reaction from relevant Canadian industries and governments. Many Canadian industry groups, companies and experts have publicly opposed, believing that disclosure of confidential documents on commercial transactions between the government and suppliers of personal protective equipment and testing equipment will harm Canadian manufacturers and damage Canada’s global reputation.

Canadian Minister of Public Services and Procurement Anand said that the passage of the motion may cause the Coronavirus vaccine research and development company and protective equipment suppliers to abandon cooperation with the government, “vaccines, personal protective equipment, rapid test kit contracts are all at risk.”

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