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Canadian officials’ overseas travel continues to ferment. Several officials announced their resignations.

Canadian officials' overseas travel continues to ferment. Several officials announced their resignations.

△ Alberta officials and parliamentarians who announced their resignations or demoted on January 4 local time

January 4th local time, Tracy Allard, the mayor of Alberta, Canada, and Jamie Huckabay, the chief of staff of Jason Kenney, the governor of the province, respectively announced Bo resigned because they were involved in the recent media exposure of government officials traveling abroad.

On the same day, Governor Jason Kenny announced that five government officials involved in the incident and public officials of the provincial council would be demoted.

In one day, seven officials and parliamentarians in Alberta alone were affected by the overseas travel incident. In announcing the news, Kenny said: “These people travel abroad during the holiday show an extreme lack of judgment.”

It is worth mentioning that Kenny explicitly rejected the demands of all sectors of society on January 1 local time and refused to deal with these officials and parliamentarians.

Just three days later, Kenny had to make concessions.

The resignation of the two continued to widen the political shock caused by the overseas travel of Canadian officials.

According to incomplete statistics, as of the 4th of this month, 16 Canadian officials have been exposed by the media to violate the government’s epidemic prevention requirements and take advantage of the holiday to go abroad on vacation or travel.

Most of them have now announced their resignations or been demoted.

The first to be exposed by the media was Rod Phillips, the director of the Ontario Finance Department, who was also the first official to resign under the pressure of public opinion.

Subsequently, the media found in Alberta, Quebec and Saskatchewan that officials and parliamentarians traveled abroad in violation of the government’s epidemic prevention requirements.

In addition to provincial councilors and officials, Congressman David Sweet, Kamal Khera and Sameer Zuberi were also involved in the scandal of traveling abroad.

At present, all three have announced their resignations from their posts in the House of Representatives.

In addition, Rep. Niki Ashton has been removed from the shadow cabinet of the New Democratic Party for traveling abroad.

The office of Dan Plett, the head of the Conservative Senate and the Conservative Party, admitted that Platt had traveled to Mexico briefly at the end of 2020.

These officials who traveled abroad in violation of epidemic prevention regulations came from major political parties in Canada.

The destinations they traveled abroad were almost all traditional Canadian tourist vacation destinations, including the Caribbean, Mexico, Hawaii and California in the United States, and Europe.

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