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Canadian Culture Minister condemns Facebook: a bill will be enacted to require technology giants to pay for content

Facebook signs letters of intent with 3 Australian media companies

Facebook & Google

On the 18th local time, the Canadian government said it would enact a bill requiring Facebook to pay for news content.

Facebook began blocking news content from all Australian media on February 17 after the Australian government said it expected to introduce a new law for technology platforms, while restricting users in the country to share and access local and overseas news on Facebook.

Canadian Culture Minister Steven Guilbeault, who drafted the bill, condemned Facebook’s blocking of news content from all Australian media in an interview on the same day and said that it would not stop the Canadian government. Move.

In an interview, Gilber said that Canada is at the forefront of the “war” and currently faces two choices.

The first is to adopt the same approach as Australia, that is, by enacting laws requiring Google, Facebook and other technology companies to pay local media for their news content, otherwise the government-driven set price through binding arbitration.

The second is to follow the example of France and ask technology platforms to negotiate with news publishers who demand to pay for it.

According to the report, Canada is currently studying which method is more suitable for the country, and the relevant bill will be introduced within a few months.

Gilbo added that more and more countries are expected to adopt similar rules soon.

It is reported that Gilber had held discussions with relevant people in France, Australia, Germany and Finland last week on ensuring the fair cost of online content.

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