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Can I still buy it this year? The “Black Friday” promotion season is clearly depressed under the German Pandemic

Can I still buy it this year? The "Black Friday" promotion season is clearly depressed under the German Pandemic

In Germany, due to the pandemic and restrictive measures against the pandemic, many merchants have not had a good business this year. Therefore, merchants value this year’s “Black Friday” shopping season very much. Many stores have started discount sales in advance, hoping to have a good Performance. But the headquarter reporter noticed that this year’s “Black Friday” shopping season in Germany is obviously much sluggish than in previous years.

With the advent of traditional holidays, various promotional posters were hung up early in the windows of German shops, and the paper promotional sheets were filled with mailboxes like snow flakes.

Berlin sales guide Nila: In the past, throughout Europe, including Germany, the “Black Friday” shopping season was one day, but now it has been extended to one week due to economic reasons.

However, on the 27th, the reporter observed in a famous chain mall in Berlin that although signs of discounts and promotions were everywhere, the flow of people did not increase significantly, and the catering shops that were closed due to the pandemic appeared particularly conspicuous, as if to remind people that this was wrong The unusual “Black Friday”.

At the same time, the economic downturn has made every penny in the pocket more hard-won, and people’s consumption concepts have become increasingly rational.

Berlin citizen Egon: Next month there will be a holiday, and there will be more discounts to attract people to shop, but now people don’t buy a lot of things that they don’t need at all because it looks cheaper. Fall into a kind of commodity “consumerism”.

Due to the inability to go out at will, online shopping has become a new trend this year, and the number of orders on major shopping websites has skyrocketed. However, according to German media reports, in order to fight for higher treatment, under the call of the German service industry union, the employees of the e-commerce giant “Amazon” decided to go on strike during this year’s “Black Friday” event.

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