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Can a China-EU investment agreement be reached within the year? Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Negotiations are in the final stage

Relations between Russia and the West have tightened again after U.S. sanctions against Russia

Shelve the dispute, the leaders of the 27 EU countries have reached an agreement on a long-term budget proposal.

December 18, China Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Wang Wenbin presided over a regular press conference. A reporter asked the progress of the China-EU investment agreement negotiations and asked the spokesman whether China and the EU can reach an agreement within the year.

Wang Wenbin said that since this year, China and the EU have overcome the impact of the epidemic and held a total of 10 rounds of negotiations on the China-EU investment agreement, making important progress.

At present, the negotiations are in the final stage. I believe that as long as the two sides take care of each other’s concerns and persist in moving forward, the negotiating goals set by the leaders of the two sides can be achieved.

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