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Cambodia held a training ceremony for vaccination By Chinese coronavirus vaccine.

Cambodia held a training ceremony for vaccination By Chinese coronavirus vaccine.

Phnom Penh, February 4 The Royal Family Army of Cambodia held a training ceremony for vaccination against Chinese coronavirus at the Royal Family Army General Hospital of Cambodia in Phnom Penh on the 3rd.

The 16th medical expert group of the People’s Liberation Army to Cambodia will train more than 150 Cambodian military and local medical staff in coronavirus vaccination training to prepare for the upcoming arrival of China.

In his speech at the ceremony, Wang Wentian, the Chinese ambassador to Cambodia, said that since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus epidemic, the Chinese and Cambodian militaries have watched and helped each other and overcome difficulties together, setting an example for the international community’s anti-epidemic cooperation.

Under the circumstances of a large gap in its own vaccine supply, China decided to urgently provide emergency assistance to the Cambodian government and the army for the coronavirus vaccine, which fully reflects the deep friendship between China and Cambodia.

The vaccination training ceremony not only marks the official beginning of Cambodia’s COVID-19 vaccination work, but also enters a new stage of Sino-Cambodia anti-epidemic cooperation.

Vaccination with China’s coronavirus vaccine will play a positive role in Cambodia’s victory over the epidemic and resume economic and social development as soon as possible.

In his speech, Cambodia’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of National Defense Di Ban said that China’s assistance to Cambodia with the coronavirus vaccine and the arrangement of Chinese military doctors to train Cambodian medical staff are real help in the snow and the truth in adversity. Cambodia sincerely thanks for this.

It is hoped that the medical staff of Cambodian military and localities will cooperate closely with Chinese military doctors, do a good job in training, master the correct methods of storing, transporting and injecting vaccines as soon as possible, and ensure that the vaccination work is carried out safely and smoothly.

Cambodian Minister of Health Man Benheng, Li Jingfeng, military attaché of the Chinese Embassy in Cambodia, attended the ceremony.

After the ceremony, Wang Wentian and Di Ban inspected the Cambodian military’s coronavirus vaccine refrigeration containers, medical refrigerators and other equipment.

At the request of Cambodia, the expert group of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army to Cambodia has prepared relevant materials for vaccination and carefully designed training courses covering vaccination plans, processes, emergency rescue and other contents.

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