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California hospitals in the United States are overwhelmed. Nurses who have been in practice for 40 years call it “the worst time”

At present, the COVID-19 situation in California, the United States, continues to be severe, with more than 2 million confirmed cases. Los Angeles County Health Department officials say that there is now one death from COVID-19 every 10 minutes in Los Angeles County.

Many local hospitals have long been overwhelmed. Some California medical staff said that this is the worst situation she has faced in more than 40 years of medical practice.

One person dies every 10 minutes in Los Angeles County, California

According to the data of the public health department of Los Angeles County, California, about 6,500 people are currently hospitalized with COVID-19 in the county, 20% of whom are in intensive care.

In the past week alone, the number of patients admitted to the novel coronavirus has increased by more than 1,600.

In addition, Los Angeles County reported 148 COVID-19 deaths on the 24th, and the number of new deaths in the county in a single day reached the highest number since the epidemic for two consecutive days.

“Los Angeles County now has one death every 10 minutes from COVID-19,” said Barbara Ferrell, the LA County Public Health Director.

With the full number of intensive care units, many hospitals in California have had to use other places to treat COVID-19 patients, and patients are still flooding in.

Hospitals and medical staff have long been overwhelmed.

California Hospital Nurse Cliff: Exhausted. It’s like an endless “fight”.

Nancy Blake, a nurse at California Hospital: This is a disaster for the employees of our hospital.

The patients are very ill. It is a terrible disease. I hope I won’t cry, because it has been 10 months, and we (the hospital) are “submerged” by patients, which is the most I have ever experienced.

Bad situation, I have been a nurse for 40 years, which is the worst.

California public health officials warned that if a large number of Californians ignored public health guidelines during the holiday season, a new wave of cases is expected to rise there.

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