British Prime Minister Johnson, who is in self-isolation, released a video claiming to feel good

November 16 According to the British Sky TV, British Prime Minister Johnson is in self-isolation due to contact with a person diagnosed with the Coronavirus. On the 16th local time, he said in a video posted on social media that “I feel good at the moment” and said that “I hope to distribute the (Coronavirus) vaccine before Christmas.”

According to reports, Johnson said in the video that “I feel good at the moment” and “feel full of antibodies.” He said that he has been “detected” by the British National Health Service (NHS) testing and tracking system. Self-isolation for 14 days is one of the effective ways to stop the spread of the virus.

According to reports, Johnson met with MPs in Downing Street on the 12th, including Conservative MP Anderson. Subsequently, Anderson developed symptoms of the Coronavirus and tested positive.

Johnson said on social media on the 15th that although he did not show any symptoms, he was in self-isolation according to regulations. He will continue to work at No. 10 Downing Street and continue to lead the government in anti-epidemic efforts.

The current epidemic situation in the UK is severe, with the cumulative number of cases exceeding 1.34 million and the cumulative death toll reaching 52,000. In April, Johnson spent three nights in the intensive care unit because of the new coronavirus.