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British people are finally vaccinated, and the British Health Secretary burst into tears with excitement.

Russia has issued its first new animal Coronavirus vaccine

December 8th local time, the United Kingdom began to implement a coronavirus vaccination program

with people over 80 years old and some health and nursing personnel as the first vaccinated, aiming to protect the most vulnerable people.

On the same day, Matt Hancock, the British Health Secretary, gave an exclusive interview to Good Morning Britain.

After watching the interview video of 81-year-old William Shakespeare’s vaccination, Hancock seemed to get excited.

He wiped his tears with his fingers and said,

“It’s done too much effort. As an Englishman, I’m proud.”

However, Hancock’s tears attracted a lot of attention. Some netizens directly complained that his show was performing.

The commentary article of the British Guardian also mocked Hancock: “Dry away tears

This vaccine has little to do with Britain”, “It’s made in Germany, and all we do is to buy it”.

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