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British man with cancer Ask hospital for examination before death

British man with cancer Ask hospital for examination before death

The Hall Family (UK "Mirror")

December 14 According to the British “Mirror” report on the 14th, a 27-year-old man in the UK was misdiagnosed as prostatitis during the new crown pneumonia epidemic in March this year. 

He repeatedly begged the hospital to perform a scan for himself, but was delayed for two months due to the epidemic. In the end, he found multiple cancerous tumors in his body and died unfortunately.

The guy was Shelvin Hall and lived in Leeds, Yorkshire. On March 23 this year, he went to see a doctor due to severe leg pain.

He was initially misdiagnosed as prostatitis and was treated with antibiotics. 

Hall and his wife (The Mirror, UK)

Hall said before his death that he was told that the scanning service was slowing down due to the epidemic, and the British national medical service system was under great pressure.

“I have been begging them to do an MRI scan for me throughout April and May, but no one listened to me. of.”

After 13 visits in the hospital, Hall finally had an MRI scan on May 26, only to find a 14 cm malignant tumor in his pelvis and 30 small tumors in his lungs, but it was obviously too late.

Hall and his wife (The Mirror, UK)

Latroia, Hall’s widow, said: “I’m sad that I have lost the love of my life. If my husband’s cancer could be discovered sooner, he might be standing here today. He hopes that I can do my best to prevent others.

The family bears the pain of my family.” An international study shows that for every four weeks delay in treatment, the survival rate of cancer patients will be reduced by 6%-13%, which may lead to the death of thousands of cancer patients who should have survived. 

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