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British health officials: Medical staff “return to the center of the storm”

British health officials: Medical staff "return to the center of the storm"


Decemebr 29th, local time, the BBC reported that Simon Stevens, CEO of the English Medical Service, said that British health workers were “returning to the center of the storm” as the confirmed cases of COVID-19 rose again at the end of the “hardest year”.

In his New Year’s message to NHS staff, Stevens paid tribute to the health care workers, saying that they have done their job of caring for 200,000 patients with severe COVID-19.

Stevens said he hopes the NHS will be able to provide vaccinations for all vulnerable people by the end of spring. He stressed that this brings hope for 2021.

Hospitals in England now have surpassed their peak in April for COVID-19 as COVID-19 infections have reached what public health officials have described as “unprecedented levels” and newly discovered variant COVID-19 spreads continue to spread.

According to sources, 20,426 people were treated for COVID-19 in hospitals in England on the 28th, up from the peak of 1900 patients in April.

In addition, health officials in Wales and Scotland also said that local hospitals were already overwhelmed.

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