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British flights are banned from 40 countries, but the rich can fly home for the holiday by private plane.

Russia will extend the suspension of British flights again to March 16.

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December 23rd – Today’s Russian TV reported on the 22nd that with the mutation and infectivity of the novel coronavirus in the United Kingdom, London announced a lockdown on Christmas Eve, and about 40 countries have cut off flights from the United Kingdom to varying degrees.

However, for the rich, this is not a problem at all. Because private planes are not affected by the air travel ban, the rich can charter flights home for the holiday.

According to Mark Bafa, CEO of Air Partner, a global aircraft leasing company, demand for private aircraft rental services has surged in the past few days as the rich want to circumvent London’s lockdown restrictions.

In addition to private plane rental services for individuals and families, the company also provides charter services for large aircraft for enterprises, which can still send employees home for Christmas even if commercial flights are cancelled.

Some 40 countries have reportedly cut off flights with the UK to varying degrees, but these restrictions do not apply to private charter flights.

Demand for private aircraft rentals had been rising before London’s lockdown was announced, as many companies were stocking cargo capacity for a possible no-deal Brexit at the end of the year.

Russian media said that in 2020, the novel coronavirus spread around the world, international travel was restricted, and the demand of the aviation industry fell sharply, but private aircraft operators generally performed better than commercial passenger airlines.

Air Partners announced that compared with the same period in 2019, pre-tax profits increased by nearly 220% in the first half of this year, a record high.

The growth was driven by the company’s shipment of large quantities of personal protective equipment and the delivery of customers from areas affected by the epidemic.

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