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British expert: Coronavirus mutation is more threatening to childrens

British expert: Coronavirus mutation is more threatening to childrens


December 22nd – According to a comprehensive report by British Reuters and the Russian Satellite News Agency on the 22nd, Neil Ferguson, a member of the British government’s Advisory Group on the Threat of New Respiratory Virus and a professor of Epidemiology at Imperial College of Technology in London, believes that children are more vulnerable to mutated COVID-19 than COVID-19.

Ferguson said: “We need to collect more data and information about the spread, reproduction and infection of COVID-19 mutations. This COVID-19 mutation shows different epidemiological trends in terms of characteristics.

There are indications that children are more likely to contract the variant strain of COVID-19, and the specific reasons are unknown, but statistics reflect this.”

Recently, the British government reported that a new variant of the novel coronavirus is spreading rapidly in London and southern England, and the transmission power of the variant is 70% higher than the original virus.

But there is no indication that this mutation will lead to more serious illness or higher mortality, and vaccines distributed in the United Kingdom are still effective against the COVID-19 mutation.

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