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Britain staged a realistic version of “sane and emotion”

Britain staged a realistic version of "sane and emotion"

On December 20, in London, England, a bus passed an electronic screen showing the words "Level 4 of COVID-19 prevention and control will be implemented from December 20th". Xinhua News Agency/Reuters

London is “lockdown”, Christmas is not over?

On Christmas Eve, a mutant coronavirus is causing Britain to “talk about poisonous color”. In response to the virus mutation and the risk of the epidemic that holiday gatherings may increase, the British government announced on December 19 that it would raise epidemic prevention measures in London and other places to the highest level from the 20th, and called on British people not to visit relatives and friends during Christmas.

In the face of the sudden ban, many British people are trapped in the contradiction between “reason and emotion”. Many Britons said it was difficult to give up their family affection and even left London before the ban came into effect. Others said that social distancing was the most important and stayed behind.

Pandemic prevention measures have been raised to the highest level.

The British government announced the emergence of mutant novel coronavirus on December 14. Health Secretary Matthew Hancock said on the same day that a mutant novel coronavirus may be related to the accelerated spread of the virus in southeastern England.

Hancock also said on the 20th that the spread of the new strain of the novel coronavirus in the United Kingdom was “out of control” and that only by restricting social contact can it be controlled.

This mutant virus is named VUI-202012/01. British Prime Minister Johnson said on the 19th that preliminary research showed that although there was still great uncertainty, the new variant was as infectious as 70% higher than the original virus.

On December 19, people walked on the streets of London, England. Xinhua News Agency/American League

Johnson said that the capital London, parts of southeast and eastern England will be upgraded to the newly added level of fourth level from the 20th. Specific measures include:

Reason and emotion

Millions of people’s Christmas plans will be affected in the UK. Can we get together? How to get together? Emotionally, after a difficult year, the need for people to reunite with relatives and friends is more urgent; but intellectually, the epidemic is so severe that holiday gatherings increase the risk of infection.

Johnson acknowledged that this was a “trickly choice”, but he stressed that the government had “no choice” and that the British people “can’t celebrate Christmas as planned”.

According to British media reports, it was the last weekend before Christmas, and on the eve of the escalation of epidemic prevention measures, London’s railway stations were crowded on December 19.

On December 20, at St. Pancles Station in London, England, passengers were ready to board the last train to Paris that day. Xinhua News Agency/American League

Harriet Kragston, who “flew” to Leeds by car, wrote on her social media account: “Everyone on this train, including myself, made a very stupid and irresponsible decision.

But being with family is something everyone wants to do at Christmas.”

Lawrence, who lives in London, originally planned to hold a wedding two days before Christmas, but now he has to cancel the plan. He complained: “The government should make a decision earlier.

Temporary changes in regulations are inconvenient for too many people.

There are also some British people who make careful choices. James Downs, who lives in Cambridge, gave up his plan to visit his parents in Wales for Christmas early in the morning.” My dad is not in good health, and I really don’t want to take this risk considering that I may bring the virus to him.

We can definitely wait a few months to get together, and wait until we get the vaccine.”

Virus mutation is not unexpected.

Based on available research and preliminary analysis, Chris Whitty, England’s chief medical officer, said experts believe that the mutant virus “can spread faster”, but so far there is no evidence that the mutant virus may bring higher mortality or affect the efficacy of vaccines and therapeutic drugs. 

Experts are intensifying research to deepen the understanding of mutant viruses.

However, some British experts say that the emergence of mutant viruses is within the expected range. The coronavirus will continue to mutate, and this time the coronavirus mutates, said University of Liverpool professor Julian Hiskox.

The most important thing now is to investigate whether the mutant virus has new characteristics that affect human health, related diagnosis and vaccine efficacy, and “the current prevention and control measures are appropriate”.

The alarm bell is in my ears, and we should walk my heart!

Standing on the threshold of the alternation of the new and the old, with the blessing of vaccines, optimists are willing to believe that there will be a new atmosphere in the New Year, but reality reminds us once again that the threat of the virus is far from leaving. In the face of the pandemic, mankind must work together and share a common hatred of the enemy.

If the “breakwater” of global unity is not built, new variants of the virus will hit Britain and Europe today and may spread to other corners of the world tomorrow.

At present, the number of COVID-19 deaths worldwide has approached 1.7 million, which is shocking! Christmas and New Year’s holiday are coming, which can’t help but make people more worried.

WHO has warned that the spread of new strains in Europe is strong and widespread, and countries must strengthen prevention and control. I hope the alarm bell is in my ears, and I want to walk my heart!

Some countries launched different entry restrictions for the United Kingdom on December 20, including France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Ireland, Bulgaria, Canada, etc.

For example, the Netherlands has banned British flights from entering the same day, which will last until January 1 next year. France suspends travel of people from the UK for 48 hours from midnight that day.

On December 20, in Foxton, England, trucks queued up to board the freight train to France. Foxton is the western end of the Channel Cross-Harbour Tunnel. Xinhua News Agency/Reuters

According to the data released by the British government on December 20, 35,928 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed in the past 24 hours, with a total of 204,147 confirmed cases.

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