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Britain plans to raise the prevention and control level in more areas to the highest

A 92-year-old woman in the UK died five days after being vaccinated against coronavirus.

As Christmas approaches, the spread of the coronavirus in parts of the UK has accelerated. This is the closed shop photographed on December 21 on Regent Street, London, England. Photo by Han Yan, reporter of Xinhua News Agency

British Times on December 30 that British Prime Minister Johnson has approved the increase of epidemic prevention and control levels in more parts of the UK to the highest level 4.

The report pointed out that the British Cabinet is considering implementing the strictest epidemic prevention control measures in parts of southwest England and Cumbria.

Although the number of confirmed cases in the area is still relatively low, there are indications that the B.1.1.7 variant of the novel coronavirus has gradually spread locally.

According to the British Telegraph, Midlands and Northern England are expected to be listed as the fourth level of epidemic prevention and control areas.

British Health Secretary Hancock will release an update on local prevention and control measures later on Wednesday. The UK added 53,135 new confirmed cases of the coronavirus on Tuesday, and 41,385 new cases yesterday.

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