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Breaking: On the verge of collapse! Los Angeles in the United States announced a blockade!

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According to Bloomberg, Los Angeles announced today that it has returned to lockdown in the serious situation of the worsening epidemic.

According to Bloomberg, the decision of the city government of Los Angeles to lock down, keeping people at home while keeping all units that need to work in person closed because the local epidemic has reached an “extremely dangerous turning point”.

(Screenshot from a report by Bloomberg)

According to the local media Los Angeles Times, whether it is the city of Los Angeles, the Los Angeles county to which the city belongs, and California, which is at a larger level, the United States, have recently witnessed a strong rebound from the epidemic.

Among them, California has infected more than 1.265 million people and nearly 20,000 people have died. Yesterday, there were 18,700 new cases and 116 deaths.

(Screenshot from a report by the Los Angeles Times)

Los Angeles County, which belongs to the city of Los Angeles, added 5,534 new cases and 41 deaths on Wednesday, bringing its cumulative number of infections and deaths to more than 414,000 and 7,743 respectively.

(Screenshot from a report by the Los Angeles Times)

The growth of new cases in California and Los Angeles counties has almost shown a straight rise in the past few weeks.

(Screenshot from a report by the Los Angeles Times)

Therefore, as of Monday, Los Angeles County issued a stay-at-home quarantine order, requiring people to stay at home and work from home as much as possible. According to the Los Angeles Times, the lockdown order of Los Angeles is also based on the isolation order of Los Angeles County, but to a stricter extent.

However, according to the newspaper’s introduction, although the local government appealed to people to stay at home, not go out for parties, and prohibit indoor and outdoor gatherings for more than five people, religious activities and marches are not restricted, and outdoor places such as tennis courts, golf courses and beaches are also allowed to open.

Other allowed to remain open include retail stores that provide food and drink, places to provide medical and social assistance, and areas such as news and television entertainment that the local government regards as “necessary life”.

(Screenshot from the official website of the Los Angeles Municipal Government)

Finally, according to Bloomberg, the epidemic situation across the United States is also very serious at present. The U.S. media said that yesterday, there were 2,700 new deaths in the United States alone, and for the first time, all people hospitalized with COVID-19 exceeded 100,000.

(Screenshot from a report by Bloomberg)

In addition, Bloomberg also mentioned the deterioration of the epidemic in Osaka, Japan, saying that the local government had issued the first red alert about the epidemic on Thursday. Bloomberg said that in Osaka’s three-level warning system, red means that the epidemic situation there has reached a serious situation, especially the medical system has entered a state of high load.

Previously, Tokyo, Japan, raised the risk level of the epidemic to the highest of the four levels last month, because the number of new cases in the area has exceeded 500. Japanese officials are also reminding people to be “prepared for the worst”.

(Screenshot from a report by Bloomberg)

In a list of “most worthwhile countries and regions under the epidemic” released by Bloomberg last month, Japan was ranked second by the American media, the United States was ranked 18th, and mainland China ranked eighth.

(Screenshot from a report by Bloomberg)

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