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Brazil’s Supreme Court ruled that vaccination against the novel coronavirus is a civic obligation.

Brazilian medical staff give the elderly "air vaccine"? The police launched an investigation!

△Picture source: Brazilian Global Media Group

Brazil’s Supreme Court officially ruled on December 17 that the states and municipalities of the country have the right to inform the people of their obligation to vaccinate against the novel coronavirus, but explicitly prohibit compulsory vaccination.

The Supreme Court also authorized the federal government, state and municipal governments to set restrictive measures against people who refuse to receive coronavirus vaccines, such as not allowing people who have not been vaccinated against the novel coronavirus to enter and leave certain public places.

The Supreme Court passed the bill by 10 votes in approval and 1 against.

Justices of Brazil’s Supreme Court said that the obligation of people to be vaccinated against the novel coronavirus is not the same as that Brazilian people will be forced to be vaccinated, but they believe that public health and health cannot be harmed by personal decisions.

According to a recent survey released by the Brazilian polling agency Datafolha, the proportion of people who want to get the coronavirus vaccine decreased from 89% in August to 73% in December.

The proportion of people who clearly said they did not want to get the coronavirus vaccine increased from 9% to 22%, and another 5% were affected.

The interviewer said that it had not been determined whether to be vaccinated.

When asked if all Brazilians should be forced to be vaccinated against the coronavirus, 56 percent expressed support for universal mandatory vaccination, 43 percent opposed the measure, and another 1% did not comment.

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