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Brazil’s president says federal justices are acting unconstitutionally and will file a lawsuit in the Senate

Brazil's president says federal justices are acting unconstitutionally and will file a lawsuit in the Senate

G1 News Network, Brazil

August 14th, Local time, Brazilian President Bosonaro posted on his social networking site that luis Barroso and Alexander de Moraes, the country’s supreme court justices, had acted beyond their constitutional authority and that he would file a lawsuit with the Brazilian Federal Senate to investigate the two men. According to Bosonaro, he plans to apply to Senate President Rodrigo Pasecco next week.

The House of Representatives rejected Bosonaro’s proposal to change the country’s voting system, while federal police recently arrested his ally Robert Jefferson. Against this background, Bosonaro made the comments through his website.

On August 10th Brazil’s lower house of congress voted down a proposed constitutional amendment supported by Mr Bosonaro that included changing electronic voting to paper voting. In addition, Robert Jefferson, an ally of Mr. Bossonaro and chairman of the Brazilian Labour Party, was arrested by the Brazilian Federal Police on 13 August, and an arrest warrant was issued by Federal Supreme Court Justice Moraes.

The arrests took place during the judicial investigation into a digital criminal gang that was trying to undermine democracy in the country. Moraes noted that Jefferson’s arrest was on suspicion of a number of charges of undermining democracy, including assault on the country’s electoral institutions and institutions. But Mr. Bossonaro argued that Mr. Moraes interfered with individual freedom of expression and acted beyond his constitutional authority.

Mr Bossonaro said the application for action against the two justices was based on article 52 of the federal constitution. Under this provision, the Senate has the power to prosecute and try supreme court justices when they are involved in a crime committed by a function. But For now, Senate President Rodchenko has yet to respond to Mr. Bossonaro’s comments.

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